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Time Up: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Aidan Rodino (2017)

My work is based on an idea I had come up with for English class that revolved around a woman who was being hunted for her bounty around the 1800’s in japan. The drawings first panel is of a woman’s eyes being shown wide open. The second panel is of a memory of a wanted poster. The viewer then sees the bounty hunter being introduced in the third panel and he is holding handcuffs and that same paper that has her face on it and the price of the bounty. Then there are two panels that are close ups of the handcuffs and paper with the bounty information. The last two panels are close ups of her eye. The first is an open eye and the last panel shows her closing her eyes slightly in anger as if she’s ready to pounce and not go down without a fight.

In the process of making my final product my work has changed a lot from the original story I had. My original story had two bounty hunters, a horse and had some gore in the final panels but adapting that to only six panels and telling a coherent story was not possible. The first draft that we did in our writer's notebook was very different than the six panels we were assigned. The first six panels I drew focused on the main character riding her horse until being confronted by the two bounty hunters and being shot. When we started graphing I decided to scrap the gore and one of the bounty hunters because they didn't seem important to the story. Due to this decision I was behind on my work for a couple of weeks but eventually caught up when i got into my own rhythm Overall i’m very happy with my finished artwork and I feel that i’ve learned a lot about Adobe Illustrator and i’m very excited for our next project.
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