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Embrace Yourself: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Jessica Dickson (2017)

Throughout creating my comic I ran into many problems. One example of this was having my work get deleted because of the server problems we have been experiencing. So I had to go back and redo everything that was once completed but then erased. Another example was having trouble trying to figure out my rising action in my comic and conveying it in a conscious manner so the viewers will be able to understand what is happening in my comic. One thing that I would change about my comic is the lack of detail. I wish that my drawings overall were just more appealing to the eye. How I would accomplish this is edit my drawings adding more detail to the face and clothes. I would want to make it look more complex by adding more color and make the style of drawing more realistic. Throughout creating this comic I was able to learn how to use the application Illustrator. I learned about rising actions, different styles of comics, color themes that work well together, and the art of storytelling through through images. I am most proud of the story concept itself. Even though trying to show my story in a comic without words is hard, I believe that storyboard is strong and powerful. The comics message is saying that you should accept yourself for who you are not who you want to be. Cause if you strive to be someone that already exists you would just be a copy of them, you won’t be as unique.

I will apply the ideas that I learned from this project in future projects by thinking like an artist and what makes a good piece of art according to an artist. Mainly that effort and passion is what makes every piece of art unique and special to someone. This project makes me appreciate other people’s art because the amount of work it takes to produce an art piece and the thought that goes behind each piece of art. Every piece of artwork created symbolizes something special to each artist.
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