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Untitled: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Joshua Kwok (2017)

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of creating a comic. I love reading comic books, but I have never appreciated the idea of an artist working hard to draw out a comic book. This project wasn’t my favorite; however, it did allow me to understand a bit more about the hard work comic artists have to do. I struggled a lot in the art department for my comic. I wasn’t very good at drawing any of my characters, or pretty much the whole comic. A lot of my original drawings before I started tracing them in Adobe Illustrator were very simple, and I really did not like the way they looked. To fix that, I ended up drawing a bunch of new things I didn’t have in the original drawing. I also struggled with the color scheme and so many other things like drawing expressions and action. One thing I would change drawing more clean. I would change that to by drawing more simplistic characters. Some of the characters were very hard to duplicate, and I wasn’t good at making them all look the same. I am most proud of getting through the entire thing even though I had a lot of difficulty of doing it. My comic page was about two boys that don’t like each other in the morning. One then pushes another over, and bullies him. The bullied boy decided to make the other boy coffee. Giving the bully coffee calmed him down and he fell in love with his drink. My story is simple, yet can be interpreted in many ways. Left the story on a cliff hanger to let the audience create an ending in their head. Something I would take away from this project is to really appreciate the different styles of art. This one was challenging yet so helpful in learning design. I also got to better my adobe illustrator skills. I learned a lot of new skills during this project like how to create comic dots and how do some linear perspective drawing. I would use the patience i built up for this project in my everyday life. As long as I push forward and through the challenges, in the end, it could be worth it.
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