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Still Here: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Josue Martinez (2017)

Through the process of making this comic, I had to learn several concepts that were part of Photoshop and Illustrator, two software programs which I had previously no experience with, the main one being layers! I came across several problems throughout this project, relating to Illustrator that is. There were times where Illustrator would malfunction and crash, forcing me to restart the program and sometimes even my whole computer. There was also stretch of time where I was unable to log into the Freestyle server with my account. To get around this I, much like other peers, logged into the server with the a default student account, which didn’t have any of our saved preferences and settings saved, but we were at least able to work on our project. I had more trouble than I should had with making the title panel. I was paint brushing the letters and I was going to do the same with the entire outlining of the panel layout of the comic, then realized I could have saved a lot of time and unneeded effort by using the pen tool, which is one of the tools in Illustrator which is emphasized in its’ use. Overall, I’m proud of how my comic looks. Not too bad, but not amazing which is fine with me. Knowing that it isn’t amazing will only motivate me to do a better job on my assignment, doing this by learning from the mistakes and errors I made in this project.
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