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Marco: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Mason Kennerly (2017)

Throughout the process of working on this comic, I have developed a much deeper understanding of my artistic capabilities. I have learned through this project that when given creative freedom, I can truly thrive and create something unique and interesting. My wildly creative mind was responsible for the innovation of a brand new panel layout for a comic, but also responsible for one of my larger hindrances. I struggled with the discovery that these innovative, new ideas that I wanted to produce through my art were ending up making my job to design them a lot harder.

The comic layout I designed is best described as each individual panel painting a picture in its own, however, when these panels are put in groups, each picture comes together to form the entire scene. Bringing this idea to life was more difficult than I had hoped for using a program like Adobe Illustrator. Many of the strategies that I attempted to use to create effects such as violent blizzards turned out to be far too complex for my skills in Adobe Illustrator. This seems to be the only thing I would change about my product. My lack of mastery of programs definitely stifled my creativity, however, I am still fairly satisfied with my final product. I took a chance in attempting to create a comic like no other, but a very high reward if I could pull it off. It was a rough process to bring my vision to life, but I do believe that my comic is something that is can be seen only once in a generation.
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