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The Great Flower: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Morgan Fielding (2017)

In this assignment we had to create a comic book of a rising action sequence from a short story that we wrote in English class. Mine was a story about an world war one soldier who hates conflict fighting in the trenches when his commanding officer gives him some binoculars to scan nomans land (A piece of land between trenches) in which he sees the most beautiful flower. The flower appeals to his peace loving side and represents his internal conflict of wanting the war to be over. In the unseen parts of the story he tries to make his way to the flower and obtain it. He eventually gets the flower and the war ends thus ending his internal conflict over the war.

During this project I learn a lot about illustrator and how to use it in advanced ways which in the future will allow me to express myself in a more precise way. Of course with growth and progress comes some amount of struggle and the struggles I had throughout this project were not to harsh I often knew how to find and do most of the technical skills. The parts I had trouble with were the outside distractions of talking to friends which I had to just block out and focus on working. I also had to deal with my own internal harassment of how my work looked because I think that I am a horrible drawer and some joking insults sometimes got to me. I kept working through them though and got mostly comment about how good it looked which boosted my self confidence. That still doesn't mean I wouldn't change anything, I would definitely change the scenes I chose to portray if I had a better understanding of what was required at the start of the project. I am still proud of this project though and think that the best part for me was just learning how easy illustrator came to me and was happy it did. I have learned much from this project like how to manage time well with deadlines and I think I can carry that over to other pieces of my life. This project has made me look at other art with an understanding of the whole process and how hard it is to create art.
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