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Fast Track: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Patrick Gaffney (2017)

This project has been a great learning experience for me. One of the most valuable lessons that I learned is the importance of planning out designs before I completely dive into them. To create our comics, we scanned in our own drawings which we would later trace over using Adobe Illustrator. Because of this, my comic was effectively limited by the pre drawing I had done for my comic, so I had to put much more time into the planning of my project. I learned the importance of taking my time through every step and ensuring that my drawings were at the quality that I wanted my comic to be. This not only helped me improve my comic, but it will also improve the quality of future designs.

The biggest change that I would like to make is to incorporate a unique style throughout the comic. I feel like this would give the comic a more unique and original feel. The most difficult part about this is it would make the style consistent enough for it to be noticeable.

The part of this project that I am most proud of is the story itself. I felt that I was able to communicate the story well enough and show the desires of the main character in eight panels. I incorporated every part of storytelling, from the introduction to the resolution. Communication of ideas is very important, as it is what draws the reader in. I believe the comic is very effective at this.
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