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Musick: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Sebastian Sanchez (2017)

This piece was helped me grow as an artist by giving the opportunity to place myself in a realm of art that i was not comfortable with. Usually my art involves music or just sound. For the most part I try to stay way from visual art unless it's film or photography. So this project made me have to work in an area that I have been trying to avoid for so long. When we were initially given the project my first instinct was to try to be as simple as possible. I did my best to not challenge myself so that it would not be difficult for me to do. Then my peers started to get excited with their own works. So then i decided to try to make it a bit more difficult which was fine initially. Then we had to put our comic on illustrator which i had already been struggling with before. No I had to add the difficulties and confusion I had with Illustrator with the work I was already doing. This is where i had most trouble Working with illustrator for me was a bit like a maze. Never really knowing where everything was. As well as not knowing what tools I needed or how to use them. As hard as it seemed this allowed me to do more hands on learning. Of course i would ask for help frequently, but I tried to ask as only when I was stuck for long periods of time. For this piece i would lot to change a lot now that I better understand Illustrator. An example would be to add more depth and details to the panels. Also experiment more with each panel by giving them their own style but make them seem like they still belong together. The colors could use a lot of work as well. They seem a bit plane and don't add as much to the comic as I would have liked. The shaped of the characters would be worked on more as well. The shapes of heads don't seem to be consistent as well as the hair.other than that i'm quite pleased that I was able to gain more experience in design and working with Illustrator. Normally I would have never attempted to create something like a comic.
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