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Kubo the Zebra?: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Shivam Kumar (2017)

My comic is about a horse named Kubo who thinks he's a zebra but really isn’t. He hangs out with the zebras and does what they do. The zebras don’t accept him as their own and try to stay away from them. He thinks he's a zebra because he has a stripe going across his neck. One day he is gather with the zebras as usual. All of a sudden a loud roar is heard across the land. It is a lion hunting for zebras. The lion pounces out and the herd starts running. The lion chases every zerba except for Kubo. Kubo is left in confusion and starts running after the zebras that are being hunted. Night falls, and Kubo losses track of the chase. He is lost and wanders throughout the cold and abandoned sahara. It starts raining and he finds cover under a tree. He is left alone for a while when 2 men appear from distance. He is startled and then they start working towards him. One of them touches Kubo and relizes something. It is paint the is around his neck. The man then wipes the paint off. Kubo is confused but happy. The men then take him as their own and ride off into the sunset.

The illustration board process was a long but satisfying project. It took multiple steps that took a while. The first step was to burnish a paper version of our comic panels onto a big art board. We then drew over the indented lines and colored them in. After that we took a picture of the artboard and put it into illustrator. We went over the artboard and colored it in the program. Once that was done it was ready to print. The process was long a critical to the development to the piece. I understand now how real illustration is done and how it is made.
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