Freestyle Academy proudly presents

Creativity: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Stephen Falsetti (2017)

At Freestyle Academy I was told to write a short story which we would eventually turn into a comic, and animation. I started my creative process thinking not of a story, but of an idea which I could base my story around. Being at Freestyle, an unconventional learning environment, I thought it would be suiting to convey the idea that the modern public education system is flawed, and how it sucks the life out of people. The story that sprouted off this idea was built off of the old excuse that my dog ate my homework, I modified this commonly told story to highlight the idea that creativity should be part of education. When the dog looks at the artwork, he is happy because it is colorful and pretty. But when he looks at the test with a big red F on it he is sad, not because the dog knows that an F is a bad grade, but because it is bland and lifeless. Originally I had made a complicated story with more than one underlying themes, but I was forced to cut out a large portion of the story due to the assignment being a short story. My comic unifies Societies misguidedness, with its relentless public education system.
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