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Art Pay$ Off: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Sydney Mozer (2017)

My comic tells the story of a young, struggling artist who lacks confidence while selling her work on the streets. When a man finds her work in the trash can, he immediately takes the art into a gallery and provides her the money and opportunity to begin her career as an artist at this famous gallery. The main message of this story is to do what you love, despite the challenges that may occur.

I faced multiple struggles throughout this project on Illustrator. The main struggle that I realized very late was the ineffective order that I was working in. Many of my layers were out of order and they kept switching while I was in the middle of editing something. I managed to finish my whole first and second panels despite them being very disorganized and time consuming. When I moved on to the third panel I made sure to lock all other layers and start completely fresh. This made things much easier. I was able to organize my layers more consistently and in an efficient way so that I always knew which parts of my work were on which layer. I also worked from the back to front which helped a lot as well. Clearly, if I had known better from the beginning and organized more thoroughly, the project would have gone a lot more smoothly however, these failures that I encountered taught me a lot about Illustrator and definitely set me up on a better route for my next project so I am glad that I had to work through these issues. As well as growing as an individual, I developed a greater appreciation for artist’s work on Illustrator, Photoshop and other computer based art applications. They can be really hard to work with but with the right amount of patience and determination they create something beautiful.
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