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The Brute and the Mut: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Syyah Brown (2017)

I think my maturity as an arts has definitely grown. I’ve developed a new appreciation for digital art because it’s a completely different process than regular physical drawing on paper. Knowing how to use the different programs and the different tools and functions of the Adobe programs and remembering all of the key commands definitely took time and practice. When it comes to challenges, I think I overcame my inability of not knowing where to start when it comes to projects. When it comes to the amount of freedom freestyle gives me can come with a lot of overwhelming, creative ideas that can cause me trouble choosing from all of them, other times I can’t find any inspiration at all. One thing I would change is the line precision I had with the pen tool. Because when I would fill it in, it wouldn’t look as good as the actual drawing scan. I can change this by being more careful with the pen tool and make sure to keep up with the pattern and have a system where I can be precise and efficient at the same time.

I am most proud of how the drawing tuned out after I drew it on the paper. I haven’t drawn people in a while and I think i did a pretty good job without having to trace it or look at pictures of people. During this conceptual project I think the most important thing I took from it is the gratifying amount of time I spent trying to be able to finish it. As well as the thorough process I had to go through with transferring the comic on one surface to the other. It makes me realize that if something is going to be close to perfect there are several layers and rough drafts of the final product. This project make me feel more appreciative of other people art. I feel like I can be able to tell the quality of their work on whether they spent a lot of time on it or not.
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