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No Worries: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Carly Wang (2017)

Through creating this comic, I grew in my ability to use Adobe Illustrator. It was difficult at first, since I had to create several layers and keep track of them. I feel that my organization skills improved when I created the comic, because I also needed to organize the layers by panel and by background and foreground. I also grew in patience, since creating the final product for this comic took several steps that took a while, but in the end I was able to create my final piece of art. I struggled in the beginning stages of creating the comic layout on the foam board, especially with the burnishing tool. I found that I tended to press down on the paper too hard, causing it to tear. I had never used the burnisher before, so getting used to using a new tool was both a struggle and an area of growth. I had to press as hard as I could to transfer the drawings but avoid tearing the paper. In this comic, I probably would have changed the background objects. I would add more color and interesting items, such as tables and chairs to make the background more visually appealing. While I like the minimalist design of my comic, I feel that it could benefit from being a little less simple. I am most proud of my work for this comic in Adobe Illustrator, where I had to name and organize several layers and reinforce my skills with the pen tool. In the future, my improved organization skills will help with projects that also involve Adobe Illustrator to keep track of my layers. Improved organization skills can also help me with my everyday objects. Sorting the layers by foreground and background can also help me with other pieces of art not on Adobe Illustrator. For future drawings and other pieces of art, knowing which layer to start with and what to draw first can be extremely helpful. Getting a better grasp of the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator can also help me with future projects, since I know that it is a tool we will be using quite often in Design class.
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