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Butt Dial: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Skyler Maeso (2017)

Peter and Blue are no average twenty-somethings – they share a deep connection… through the cellular phone. They have lived their lives parallel to each other, experiencing similar pitfalls and triumphs, until one day when their paths cross –literally. She unwittingly helps him overcome one of the biggest challenges he’s faced, and he doesn’t even know her name. This is a story about how a butt dial causes chaos, friendship, romance, and self-liberation. One question remains: will Blue and Peter break the connection to find each other in real life?

I drew inspiration for the color scheme and graphics on this book jacket from the story itself. The monochromatic blues and other cool tones come from one of the main character’ name, and coincide with the denim/Americana aesthetic. I knew I wanted the front cover to honor the twenty-first century setting with the iPhone in the back pocket. Finally, to address the butt of the joke, the cover art was intended to catch someone's eye as they pass by it on a shelf.
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