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Sombra: A Senior Listener Lyric Photographic Diptych by Chase Randolph (2017)

My listener lyric is titled “Sombra” this is to illustrate what it is like to live with Schizophrenia and they are not all crazed lunatics but rather everyday people that suffer from a disease.

I choose the lines because my subject would see a figure which was triggered by anger from something like an argument with sibling. The lines are fast and angry showing how it can rise when holding in anger but contrasts to show a calm setting. The setting is dark and and gloomy and the subject in the photo is calm even though they see another figure in the shadows. This shows even though they may be angry they are a calm person who has the same emotions as everyone but has to go a step further to cope due to there disease. For this photo I had to stage a model that was not the subject I interviewed for the listener lyric. I put her by the light to show that she was the main subject and had her look off into the darkness. I then had her change jackets and place her into the shadowy part of the frame and took the picture without changing anything on the camera position. when I had the two pictures I put them into photoshop and layered them on top of each other and then turned the top photo into a gradient and gradually had it shift to be transparent. This made it so the background did not look warped and allowed for the two subjects. I then changed the text to appear like it was light beams to show the light from the other side. I would like to think my subject for participating in an interview and being able to talk about her disease.
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