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Marked Volume 1: The Crimson Sword: A Senior Narrative Production by Emily Cook (2018)

For English class, I wrote a dialogue-driven short story about the pirate Francine, the accomplice of the runaway noble Kimberly. The short story takes place decades after their initial adventures, when Francine has retired and run away from Kimberly. However, Kimberly has tracked down Francine, in order to force her to take care of her young daughter.

For Design, I had the choice of making an album cover, a poster, or a book jacket. I chose to make a book jacket because it fit my vision for the greater story. To create it, I used an existing book from home and took its measurements to create an InDesign template. I then sketched out concepts for the design in my sketchbook before choosing one and building it in InDesign, using graphics drawn using Illustrator and Photoshop. While it took me a fair amount of hiccups to make the final product, including artblock, technical hiccups, and bad measurements, I was finally able to print out a book jacket I am satisfied with.

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