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Driving Home: A Senior Narrative Production by Emma Askren (2018)

My narrative story is about a girl who is driving home late at night with her parents and suddenly wakes up injured and surrounded by flames. She later finds out in the hospital that she was in a car accident, and after sitting alone in her room and trying to remember the sequence of events that led up to the accident, she realizes how she ended up there, and who caused it.

While creating my illustration, I scrapped many ideas and finally landed on this simple look. I outlined a person laying down, to reference the girl in the story waking up after the accident, and the lines above her represent not only the flames, but also the emotions of anger and confusion as she realizes what happened. This was all using the pen tool and the brush tool, and as I went along with the illustrations, I created a color scheme where not one line is the same, but all within the same area of the color picker. We had so much freedom in this project to create whatever we wanted, and I feel very happy with the outcome of mine because I feel like it is very artistic and something I can be proud of. If I could change anything, it might be the title. Even though it’s not the focal point, I would probably make it smaller or create a new font.

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