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Ready or Not, Here I Come: A Senior Narrative Production by Gabriela Wilde (2018)

“Ready or Not, Here I Come” is an action-thriller about an always-prepared boy, Alex Walters and his dependable friend, Hazel Gray in their mission to escape the clutches of evil while returning a flash drive with confidential information back to its original owner.

I chose to make a movie poster for this project because it’s based off of a film that I am creating in another one of my classes. I wanted to use a real photo with dramatic lighting so that the audience could see who the main actor is and get a sense that there is an eerie sense of mystery and unknowingness within the story. It was really hard to schedule a time to shoot for the poster, so we ended up only taking a few shots on set. I wish I had had time to take more in order to get more variety and have more freedom to edit in post. With an extreme closeup portrait photo, there is not much that can be manipulated. Overall, I am happy with the product.

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