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PROS Movie Poster: A Senior Narrative Production by Hallie Olson (2018)

I made this poster to accompany my film project. The film follows two inept criminals as they attempt to win their corporate crime boss’s approval by pulling off the ultimate crime.

I took two photos: one of the jewels in the bag and another of two people posing as my main actors. In Photoshop, I made selections of the jewels and turned up the contrast and brightness to make them sparkle more. In a separate document I selected the two men and filled the selection to make them appear like shadows, making the background transparent and placing it into the document with the jewels. I selected the bag and its shadow, and placed the two men slightly behind it to make it look as if they were part of the photo. I then opened the project in Illustrator and live painted it to give it the painted effect. Next, I saturated the photo and used the spotlight lighting effect to bring more attention to the jewels. In an Indesign document I added the text. I am pleased with how it turned out.

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