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Tomorrow's Problems: A Senior Narrative Production by Anna Larson (2018)

For the Narrative unit, we first wrote a short dialogue-driven story in English. We then used that as the basis for all other projects in the unit. In Animation, we created a forty-five second animation that I chose to be an adaptation of my short story, and in Design we were given the choice to create one of several promotional art pieces, such as a book jacket or vinyl album cover. I chose to make a movie poster advertising Tomorrow’s Problems, my animation. Both the animation and the short story are about trying to find joy in a broken world.

The first, and largest, step in the poster’s creation was the illustration. I wanted the focus to be the city that was the setting of the story, but I quickly realized how difficult and time-consuming to draw and illustrate a city full of buildings. So instead, I created the buildings in a 3D modelling software, then added the lights, sky, and foreground in Photoshop. I also painted the silhouette of the protagonist in Photoshop, choosing to make her face away from the camera and towards the illuminated city to allude to her envy of the people living there. Once the illustration was done, I imported it into InDesign and added the text of the title, tagline and billing block. I first wanted to make the text rather small to add to the lonely feeling of the image, but quickly realized that doing that made the poster look less like a movie poster and more like a generic illustration. Instead, I left the top part of the illustration blank and moved most of the text either down on the page or to the very top, leaving the title text large to make it distinctive.

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