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Esque: A Senior Narrative Production by Jacqueline Ta (2018)

My narrative project is based off a story that will be created during the next senior project: Zenith. At its core, it’s about how people face and conquer different fears in different ways. For instance, the fear of losing your loved ones or being surrounded by unknowns day in and out. How do they affect your life? How do you move on from them, if you ever completely do? Although I expect the story to take dark twists and plunges, it is ultimately a story of hope despite harsh challenges we all inevitably face.

I chose to make a game cover and in turn, this story because it was a story I’m interested in. I generally live in fear so it’s therapeutic to imagine the worst and the best of this part of my life. That’s why, while the story is geared towards dismal, the concept is quirky in practice. I first started with three rough drafts of the front cover on paper and, after choosing the design you see, took pictures of specific sections and put them into Photoshop. I fit them into one document and then began drawing every detail with a brush tool. I did the same with the back cover. It was a lot of trial and error, figuring out how colors work and how the image looks zoomed in and out. Otherwise known as my favorite part of art: fiddling. After finishing, I inserted the images into Indesign and finished up the spine. What I ended up with pleases me but not completely. I believe the concept of this cover is more of a surface-level introduction of the numerous characters. I am aware that the content is more subtle. I’m actually fine with that aspect. By habit, I don’t enjoy slapping into someone’s face what I’m going for. If anything, I’d rather you gather your own thoughts and explore whatever I’ve given you, taking what you want and musing over the things you glance over. If there’s anything I’d like to change, I’d like to have change the art style. It’s a rather cutesy concept with round small faces and vibrant colors. This story isn’t the only one I’m proud of. Over the course of the first semester of school, I worked on two separate projects: the Listener Lyric and the Short Story. They’re not perfect by long shots but for what I’m worth, I enjoyed creating them. Please give them read on my website.

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