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Ocean: A Senior Narrative Production by Jasmine Ta (2018)

This Book Jacket is based off my English Short Story, in which a high school student wants to make friends, runs away instead, and finds the confidence to change in her dreams. The Book Jacket has a running theme of ‘masks,’ which you can find easily on the spine and back cover and is just a little tricky to see on the front cover. This alludes to the ‘attitude’ the high school student pulls on without meaning to, one that is harsh and prickly. Not the greatest first impression, and she worries it will only drive away her crush.

Both the front cover and the back cover tell a complete story altogether. The front cover is self-explanatory; the protagonist, alone in her dark room, worries over a problem in her life. The back cover depicts a half-open door in the mirror of a dresser. Two masks are left behind to hang. The majority of this drawing work took place in Illustrator, an Adobe program. Everything you see was illustrated and written by me. The process was tedious, time-consuming, and full of many little changes, but with some help from my classmates and teacher, this Book Jacket is a final product of pride. If you would like to read the story I wrote or the Book Trailer I made to advertise it, the link below will lead to my website that I built just for this project!

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