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Dead End: A Senior Narrative Production by Jessica Dickson (2018)

The narrative story that I wrote was based on a girl, Jordan Smith, who decided to skip college to pursue her dream of working in a recording studio. We follow Jordan through her experience of moving to a new city and getting her first interview at a recording label for an internship. But we find out that it didn’t go as expected. It’s an inspiring story of struggle and realization.

I choose to create an album cover for my project because my story is based on music so I wanted something that would reflect that. In Illustrator I created all the artwork by hand and then I used an album template in InDesign to organize my content. I also used an image of concrete to give texture to the album. Then set a low opacity on it so that the cover art still pops. Overall I like the way my album cover turned out. It’s simple and clean but is enough that it’s still pleasing to the eye.

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