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PROS: A Senior Narrative Production by Josue Martinez (2018)

In my film, we follow two men whose profession is that of being a criminal. The thing is, they aren’t very good at it. They stumble around, are the opposite of menacing and are now facing being fired by their Boss for their many failed crime attempts.

When we first began this project we were told to sketch ideas out into our sketch books. I drew three initial ideas down that I didn’t really like, but with the help of my design teacher, we were able to come up with the image that is now the final product on the poster. I took several images, putting things in different places for each photo and settled on this one. The white backdrop I was using was dirty and marked with footprints, so I had to go into photoshop and clean that up. I also used photoshop to integrate the title into the photo putting it behind some elements like the hand, gun, and bits of money. I then put it all together in adobe InDesign. Click the link below and you will be sent to my website which features other short films, video projects, English assignments and other Design projects.

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