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Muted: A girl's voice: A Senior Narrative Production by Khoa Tran (2018)

The story of this project that I based on is my short story that I have written in English. The story revolves around a girl named Lui Rosewood who blamed herself for the death of her brother, due to that she decided to not speak. Once Lui returned to school, her counselor handed her a whiteboard to communicate when Lui told the counselor she do not want to speak. During this event, the counselor also recommended Lui to attend the singing audition that is coming up to get over this guilt that she have.

I chose to make a book cover as my illustration because I personally feel that a book is more fitting to the timeline of this short story, I can’t seem to imagine a film being made about such topic and definitely not a music album. It took me 7 steps to create this book cover. I used a photo of a girl holding a whiteboard up while looking away in which I edited in Photoshop to have a paint brush texture on the photo. I am extremely pleased with this work. Even so, I would definitely change the lighting of the image, put on a better background color and back image.

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