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Sapling: A Senior Narrative Production by Austin Pan (2018)

Sapling is a story centered upon a girl who is bullied for her poor eyesight. In order to cope with the bullying, she tries to exit reality by entering her own imaginary surreality where the entire world is a vast mirror of emptiness. There, she talks to an imaginary friend who convinces her that she will be fine.

I chose to illustrate a poster because I felt that that was the best method of reflecting my story’s content with the surreal world. I used Adobe Photoshop to draw my illustration and then placed it in Adobe InDesign to work with text. Aspects of my poster that I like include the clouds and the title that I have reflecting off the reflective floor. Aspects that I would have liked to improve would be the illustration itself and making it appear more lifelike. I would have liked to also make the poster look more like a movie poster and less like an ambiguous illustration.

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