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Deep Breaths: A Senior Narrative Production by Mallory Coish (2018)

My narrative movie poster, titled “Deep Breaths”, represents my film that is about a therapist and her client talking about a recent traumatic incident, but the client is unaware of reality, starring Ella Schultz, who is depicted on the movie poster.

For this project, I took a close up portrait of my actress, Ella Schultz. I placed this portrait in adobe illustrator in order to trace over it to make it into a drawing. With this drawing, I then placed it in adobe in design in order to start creating my movie poster. Once my drawing was in in design, I then placed my edited portrait of Ella in there as well. With both of these, I used the gradient feather tool in order to merge the drawing and photo to be one face. I did this because of how my film goes, which you will have to go and watch to find out! For the rest of my movie poster, I just looked up movie poster credits and other movie posters that I like the design of in order to put the credits, actors names, and ratings on my poster. The color scheme matches the portrait of Ella and the fonts match the theme and setting of my film.

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