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This Fire Burns: A Senior Narrative Production by Mason Kennerly (2018)

I was tasked with creating a captivating movie poster to promote a short film I created. This Fire Burns is a film that follows the journey of a young teenager named Link that harbors a vicious demon inside him. The sight of blood is the key to unleashing this demon that transforms Link into a bloodthirsty monster. His childhood friend Ashley’s love is his only hope in suppressing his demon before it goes too far. However, with Link’s bully, Shane, constantly trying to trigger it, Link may never be safe.

For this project, I had to use multiple platforms to create my final product, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. In order to visually represent both the external and internal layers of issues that perturb Link, I wanted to use a drastic contrast of styles in my design. In portraying Link, I used very soft brush strokes to visually show his innocence outside of his demon counterpart. Along with soft strokes, I lowered the opacity of Link’s body to create a hazy look that resembles his lack of a concrete identity. Link’s softer and lighter design is juxtaposed with that harsh, bright eyes of the demon representation. I created these eyes with very hard strokes of jet black to symbolize the vicious nature of the demon. The loud, bright colors of the eyes represent how much louder the demon’s voice is than Link’s. As the eyes crowd around Link’s head, we can visually see the swirling torment that the demon creates in Link’s mind.

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