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ABEL: A Senior Narrative Production by Maverick Mamangon (2018)

It was an unconscious thought at first. As i went along with the making of this story, it sounded a lot like those of the lives of synths of Fallout. A distant future with the human race’s hatred for any autonomous being as such. Even so, I feel this story could connect to those people I’ve met who feel disconnected from society; as I’ve based the story on such an idea.

For this project, I chose the movie poster style since it’s an animation and I feel it would only fit well together. I took plenty of steps to create this poster since it’s more hand drawn than it uses photos. First I had to concept sketch my brainstorm idea. After doing so I went on to Photoshop to create my image, from there, I sketched the outline of the image and how it will look roughly. Layer by layer, i started with the clean lines to avoid it looking like a roughly drawn poster. After the lines have been cleaned up, I started with the flat colors to set a foundation for the colors applied. After the flat colors have been applied, I used more colors (secondary, tertiary, etc.) to create more detail and complexity in the drawings. And finally, I added on little details to the drawing to give it a nice touch, such as shadowing, tree details, and making the buildings look more damaged. Overall I’m somewhat pleased with how it turned out. As drawings go for me, it didn’t turn out as it looked in my head, but that’s to be expected.

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