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Ernie: A Senior Narrative Production by Natalie Rockhold (2018)

My narrative short story, “Ernie,” describes a life of an old man who everyone in the town seems to hate. Julia, a newcomer to the town, shows him some kindness and listens to his side of things. As the reader continues through the story, it becomes clear that Ernie suffers from some kind of dementia and has imagined a life that he never had.

I chose to create a movie poster because although I didn’t actually make a film, I always envisioned a movie as the best way to portray my story. I love the way movie posters capture an entire story in one single image. I chose to use digital illustration instead of a photo so that I could fully manipulate the mood and composition of the image along with the text. I used Photoshop to create the digital drawing of Ernie’s face, with lots of contrast and texture to make it dramatic.

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