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Untitled: A Senior Narrative Production by Nicole Hu (2018)

My CD cover, titled “The Group Project,” is based off of a short story I wrote in English by the same name. The idea for my story arose from a group project during my AP Government class. The idea of being able to pick and choose your own group is what drove my idea of putting people inside of a vending machine. This piece centers around the idea that there will never be an ideal group as people’s ideas of what is ideal are never the same. I illustrated people in a vending machine to demonstrate how people want to be in control and by using the vending machine, it gives you dominance over the tiny people inside. However if you look closely this control is an illusion; vending machines can malfunction, the amount of money you have determines how you can pick your items, and the selection of items within it is limited. I chose to create an album cover because through the song tracks and album title, I could also create statements related to the feelings around working with a dysfunctional group. For example, “Let’s not Fall into the Same Trap” refers to people not being able to learn from past mistakes. “Single Bullet Point” reflects the sharing of ideas: how a bullet point is meant to summarize a collection of ideas on a list and having only one is meant to represent a singular idea.

In order to create my piece, I used Adobe Illustrator to render the vending machine as well as the people inside of it. I used Photoshop to create the hands and wallet because unlike the vending machine which is primarily vector-based, I wanted to create the hands in a more brush-based style. After creating all of the elements in Photoshop and Illustrator, I placed them into InDesign where I added the text.

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