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Overtime: A Senior Narrative Production by Patrick Gaffney (2018)

My narrative story follows the night of a disciplined Silicon Valley programmer named Andrew. He’s a hard worker, sacrificing his social life in order to get ahead of the other workers. He is “right brained” only thinking analytically and blocking out any creativity. A conflict arises when the late night janitors distract him while he is working. He goes to confront them, but during this confrontation the janitors make him realize that he’s wasting away his life by only focusing on work. Andrew notices a guitar in the janitors’ RV, reminding him of when he allowed his creativity to flow by playing in a band. He goes back to the office and closes his laptop, saving his work for later. My album cover incorporates the key parts of the story. The front cover represents Andrew’s work by showing a falling laptop. This shows that he has become frustrated with his workload, and desires an escape from it. The back cover of the album represents the work of the janitors. It’s calm and relaxed, with wisps of smoke flowing through the page and the janitors’ camper van sitting in the corner. The font of the song list is a simple san serif. I tried to represent the uplifting theme of the story by making its color a light cream yellow.

I created my album cover in Adobe Illustrator. I decided to keep it simple, only using black for the details over a cream background. The title “Overtime” was written in cursive with a brush tool. I traced over a laptop and camper van in illustrator with a brush tool in order to make it as accurate as possible. The wisps of smoke were also created using the brush tool.

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