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Headline News: A Senior Narrative Production by Sebastian Marulanda (2018)

Headline News is a movie poster for a short story written earlier in the year. The movie poster depicts three images of each of the characters in the story: Linda, Paul, and Henry. Linda is on the right, paul is on the left and Henry is in center towards the top. The Short story has to do with a murder that is depicted in a newspaper for a future date. I chose to represent this with a crosshair I made in illustrator and the clear use of deep reds and blacks in the piece. I also chose to use a newspaper as a prop for my photo shoot with Henry

Some of the difficulties that went into making this piece include the multiple different fonts that are in the composition. These fonts were hard to identify but also difficult to place. I also had a hard time placing the multiple images in an order that would create hierarchy. I edited all the photos so that they would fade to the edges in order to give a mysterious atmosphere as the piece is a mystery after all. I had trouble correcting all of the fades to match each other and look consistent.

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