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Saturn Rising: A Senior Narrative Production by Syd Biros (2018)

My design project is based on the short narrative written in English. My short story is about a high school girl who is involved in both her school's robotics team, as well as her band. The main character is the drummer in the band. The album cover is for this band, Saturn Rising. I chose to make the cover have space elements, like the stars, but also have “tech“ aspects. I added the 8 bit text to enhance this. This juxtapose is to show the differences between the main characters hobbies.

I completed this album cover in Illustrator. I created the flames by mimicking what pattens flames make with the pen tool, then layering the multiplies layers of flames. I then traced the different band instruments to put in front of the flames. I chose to make these outlines to have the fire shine through the instruments. I found the font on I made the star background by using the bristle brush in silver on a black background.

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