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Start Me Up: A Senior Narrative Production by Sydney Mozer (2018)

My narrative story is about a man named George who attempts to balance his chaotic life of taking care of his mother, Susan, who suffers from alzheimer’s, and his autistic student, Eli. George is a sensitive, caring man, but often cares too much leaving little time for his own personal growth. Going from his work, back to home, the two most important people in George’s life constantly, uncontrollably lash out at him. George remains patient through it all despite the overwhelming pressure he is faced with.

I made my main design of the timer on Illustrator. The hourglass represents George’s time running out as he is maturing physically but not emotionally. The letters represent his uncontrollable life and the scramble behind him trying to balance his important relationships. They also represent his mother’s alzheimer’s and the confusion she is put through as well. A lot of steps were required to create individual letters of different sizes, colors, and styles to fill the hourglass. I matched this style by putting more random letters on the back as well. I am really happy with how it turned out. I wanted to create a simple design with a lot of whitespace which is why I limited the amount of designs and used a white cover. If I were to go back and do this differently I would have created a more sand-like effect with the letters in the hourglass.

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