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Ready or Not, Here I Come Soundtrack CD: A Senior Narrative Production by Caroline Keosaksith (2018)

This CD is based on the story of my narrative film. The film is about a mix-up of identical USBs between two high school students, Alex and Hazel, and a criminal boss and his henchmen. The USB swap forces the teenagers to become involved with the criminals, including a scary phone call and their kidnapping. The two USBs on the front of the CD case were created to look like the props me and my film partner, Gabriela used in our actual film. On the back of the case, the track names are based off of the events that happen throughout the film.

For the entire front and back of the CD case, I painted the titles, USBs, and the faint acid-wash background in Photoshop. For the different textures for the background, blood, and the titles, I used a variety of blending tools and brushes, The entire piece was hand-painted and written separately, and were then placed in a CD template in Adobe InDesign. I thought it would be interesting to create a CD case modeling for the “soundtrack” of my film, which would could pair nicely with the movie poster for my film that Gabriela created. I am pretty content with my work, however I do wish that the rusted/washed background would be a bit more apparent printed. Blending the white and blacks less could easily solve this problem. Click on link below and feel free to check out some of my films, including the trailer to “Ready or Not, Here I Come.”

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