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Lupine: A Senior Narrative Production by Cassandra Marinchak (2018)

My story revolves around a hunter and wolf who are both hunting the same deer. As the wolf strikes the deer, the hunter fires his rifle and the wolf gets shot in the shoulder. She is immobilized and falls to the forest floor. The hunter is shocked, but he begins to chase after the deer before hearing the wolf cry and turning to see her. He notices her attempt to stand and walk up a trail that leads up the mountain, but she falls to the floor only to continue to whine. The hunter has a change of heart and decides to help her. He removes the bullet and bandages her arm, then he carries her down the path. Eventually he comes to a den with two hungry pups where he lays her down and feeds the pups. Over time, the pups start to grow up and eventually the mother is healed and she can leave the den with her pups. She looks at the man in recognition of his actions before disappearing into the forest.

I made an animation for this story so a movie poster seemed to be the most appropriate. To create the image, I used the Photoshop brush tool to draw and color. I created an overlay layer to create the lighting effects. I also used reference photos for the wolf and a previous drawing for the man.

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