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Enthusiasm When Taking Risk: A Junior Design Student Conceptual Project by Alayna Lee (2020)

I am exploring the feeling of enthusiasm when taking risk.
In this photo, I represent the shoes ahead and behind the mask to show action; meant to pose as a person walking with a mask on. The objects are featured in an outdoor lighting to give the impression that the person is going outside during the day, and to give it more of a “happy” feel. I specifically chose to use hiking boots because it best represents the idea of adventure and risk; while I chose a mask as my representation for enthusiasm as a reference to the coronavirus pandemic. The reason for the rocks was to show how dangerous it can be to walk on them. The danger being in reference to people who are near others in public areas.

With the pandemic, some people use the excuse that they just want to “live their lives” in response to the epidemic. People are choosing to have fun and go out to public places while risking their health and even their lives to do so. This is how I am able to represent my idea of enthusiasm through taking risk.

When making final touches to my piece, I used Adobe Photoshop to crop and edit my photo. I ended up cropping the majority of the background to make the subject seem more up-close; in reference to how I am trying to emphasize this person’s story. In addition, I increased brightness, contrast, vignette, and added color balance so the lighter background better contrasts the subjects and is able to emphasize them. Related website
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