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Crashing Crowns: A Junior Design Student Conceptual Project by Miranda Hernandez (2020)

I am exploring the feeling of trust through earning money.
For my piece, I chose to capture an upturned down crown, surrounded by party scraps meant to represent the end of a party. A cool looking light is filtered through a single window with the crown positioned towards the front. These two aspects serve to emphasize rationality versus clouded judgement, as not everything holds the same value for all people. The party scraps in the middle ground emphasize belief in: what appeals to some may be in reality insignificant long term.

Trust is very tricky. It goes two ways which is why it is being represented by the party scraps. In the same way trust is built, it can be torn, hence the pieces. Trust between people can become a broken road, hard to repair when one side lets go. In this case, when money becomes involved, important relationships can become neglected and further destroyed. That is where the crown comes in. It symbolizes the glorified moment that takes up time. In the metaphor of a party, the illusion of fun or glory of the moment is meant to be the impediment to repairing those ties. Nonetheless, when that same glory ends, there is nothing viable to return to. The different scraps are colors serve to remind the viewer of the different memories that are no more, imitating a sense of hopelessness and despair at their loss.

Before Freestyle, I had never been exposed to Photoshop. So, with this project I developed a greater understanding of its uses. For my image I understood that smaller changes were best. I increased the saturation of the magentas to not let them be washed out. I also slightly brightened the overall image. Lastly, I darkened the edges with a vignette that our teacher taught us how too. Related website
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