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Jealousy Through Walking Wway From A Responsibility: A Junior Design Student Conceptual Project by Anjali Kamran (2020)

I am exploring the feeling of jealousy through walking away from a responsibility.
In this image, the broken necklace wrapped around a slat of the empty park bench represents how the brokenness and emptiness that you feel correlates with each other. Taking the picture at an upward angle and zooming in increased the depth of field to remove the excess space; thus encapsulating the self-centeredness that comes along with jealousy. I chose to shoot with a high aperture and a high shutter speed to create a low lighting to portray a wistful feeling.

The broken necklace shows how jealousy leaves you broken and frustrated. The park bench has nothing else on it to represent the emptiness that comes with walking away from a responsibility. Looking at this image, the feeling of loneliness is illustrated through jealousy and walking away from a responsibility.

In Photoshop, we developed different techniques to enhance our photos. We learned how to crop our image to fit the rule of thirds, increase the vibrancy, add highlights and shadows, increase or decrease hue and saturation levels, and apply vignettes to our edited image. I wanted my photo to be gloomy to further demonstrate my Concept statement. I began by cropping the image so that the pendant was in the upper left third. Next, I added curves which increased the shadows and highlights in the image. Then, I increased the vibrancy to make the color of the park bench richer. Lastly, I added a vignette to emphasize the melancholiness that was portrayed in the image. Related website
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