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Lonely Ember: A Junior Design Student Conceptual Project by Behrj Baronian (2020)

The main object in my photograph is a piece of paper, specifically a letter. The letter is on fire in the picture. I placed the picture mid-frame in the middle of a hallway to have all the focus on the paper. Though I could have put the fire on a third, I thought that it was appropriate to center the subject in this photo. Though I didn’t achieve this I thought that by angling the camera up at the burning fire I could get an effect of the fireplace where one would have the viewing perspective of the logs in the fire. I thought that this was best done in a hallway with the background of a closed door to emphasize the locked-in feeling one would get when they are grounded. I chose to turn all the lights off to have the single light from the fire to express the feeling of sadness like a gentle flame inside that could trigger a full inferno of anger.

I used the fire to accelerate the intention statement and the meaning of it in my photo. The letter portrays the limited access to anything when grounded, often people resort from using technology or being with people to reading books or writing. The sadness is portrayed through the darkness of the frame. The only emotion that isn’t numbed by being grounded was the sadness and that sadness bleeds through the paper in the fire.

In Photoshop I learned how to filter out certain colors and change the overall hues shown in the picture. Even though my final picture didn’t turn out how I wanted it to, through Photoshop I edited the hue and saturation and put on a warm filter so the photo would come out with more red, yellow, and orange colors than anything else. I also applied a vignette of the photo to add a dark border around each of the corners of the photograph. This vignette drew focus on the inner parts of the photo and truly made it so that the only light in the photo would be highlighted. Related website
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