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Guilt By Trying New Foods: A Junior Design Student Conceptual Project by Evelyn Yaskin (2020)

I am exploring the feeling of guilt by trying new foods.
The objects in my photograph are a small box of french fries, and behind it is a closet full of clothes. These two objects together help portray my concept statement. I made the background darker, to represent the feeling of the guilt and remorse in a more true tone, and the french fries, the spotlight, more bright and with more exposure to focus the attention there.

The french fries represent the concept of trying new foods, and the closet the regret behind it. I chose a closet because I wanted to show a perspective of a person who tried this new food and has become so obsessed with it, that they feel a sort of guilt and don’t feel like themselves anymore, especially when wearing new clothes, or trying to fit into old clothes. This person has realized that they have eaten so much of their favorite food that they have become over-obsessed and feel this regret because now they can’t fit in their clothes like they used to.

My Photoshop process included darkening the background, I did this by selecting the area behind the french fries, and applying a curve to bring the exposure and brightness down. For the french fries, I selected them, and brought the brightness up instead, brought up the exposure, and I also applied a hue of yellow to make the colors pop out more. To finish it off, I added a heavy vignette, to make it look more professional and to dim the background out to further show the concept of guilt from the concept statement. Related website
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