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Hwang Conceptual Artist Statement: A Junior Design Student Conceptual Project by Jina Hwang (2020)

My photograph depicts a row of books lined up with one book on the ground turned upside down and a string of small lights. I placed the book beside the row of books to show the large contrast between them. This helped to portray the feeling of inferiority and uniqueness: the opening within the line of books clearly identifies an empty spot of where the upside-down book feels it should be, and the higher tilted angle for the photo makes the other books seem larger and more powerful. I placed the lights to intertwine around all of the books to show that they are still somewhat connected. To put the book in the dark, I used a backlit lighting from the sun to accentuate the shadow and add to the feeling of being overshadowed.

I chose a row of books lined up in a line with one book on the ground turned upside down to embody insecurity because it shows how it is different from the others. It is the only one on the ground, which shows how alone one might feel in their insecurities. I chose a string of small lights for the concept of accepting someone different because lights can help you see in the dark: they guide and bring comfort to you when you are scared and alone. All objects or things get lit in the same warm glow, showing that everyone and everything has value.

There are many things I learned in Adobe Photoshop, like the importance of cropping, how to use tools like curves to adjust the contrast, and how vignettes could make a photo look more professional. I used the cropping tool to get rid of objects that made my image too noisy, lowered the brightness to make it more gloomy, included curves to add contrast, and increased the blue and red hues and saturation so the image would be more enticing to the viewer. Related website
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