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Relief: A Junior Design Student Conceptual Project by Meredith Sanders (2020)

I am exploring the feeling of relief through making a costume.
In my conceptual photo, I photographed a candle and paper cranes sitting on top of a list surrounded by ivy. The candle represents relief because people burn candles to feel warm and cozy which reminds me of being at ease. Nature also reminds me of the topic of relief because being in the outdoors is always a peaceful experience. When I thought of making a costume I immediately thought of how you take steps to get to your end goal. For my representation of that, I created a short list of steps on how to make a paper crane and surrounded the list with little cranes. I like to make cranes when I am stressed so it also represents relief. For the angle of the photograph, I wanted it to be looking directly down at the objects because when I think of relief I see being on top of everything not being behind so it would make sense to take the photo from above. I also made sure the ivy wrapped around the list as a leading line toward the center of the photo. The value of the photo was also very important to me because with the concept of relief I wanted my subject to be represented as a light shade as opposed to a dark shade.

My photograph does a good job of representing my concept statement because it shows everything working together, nothing is on its own. The ivy and candle portray relief because they show a sense of comfort as the ivy wraps around the rest of my subjects. The list and cranes portray making a costume because they are both creative forms of expression that are done in steps in order.

Photoshop was a very new experience for me and I really enjoyed getting to know the different features through this project. At first, I found it to be difficult as it was intimidating with the endless possibilities of ways to edit a photo but I quickly got the hang of it. The main things I changed to edit my picture were curves and the spot-healing brush to get rid of little things in the frame that took away from the subject. Curves helped to get my end result with the right coloring easily. The spot-healing brush was very handy with getting rid of little bugs and leaves that got in the way. Related website
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