About me

Hi, I’m Addison Locke

I like to spend my time drawing with friends. I may come across as laid back and that’s what I’m going for. Everywhere I go, I bring along a sense of humor. I try to both enjoy and help others enjoy their experiences with life. Some of my friends have even called me a councilor because of how I try to help when my friends are in distress. Growing up next to a therapist will do that to you. Most of my life, I’ve looked into Movies and video games for inspiration, especially concept art for it. I always did love the painterly style shown in most concept art. This has lead me to appreciate not only well-made art, but also interactive art. I’m looking forward to becoming a concept artist for entertainment medias. Movies and Video games, for example.

My experiences in Freestyle Academy has helped me focus on a single goal. Our projects intertwine between classes, allowing me to think about them more in depth.