Narrative Synopsis

At the beginning of the film it is the two main characters that seem to be normal high school boys. The audience then starts to figure out that these two friends are very interested in rap music but they haven’t thought of the idea to pursue making music yet. The boys notice that there is a guy at their school who is making his own rap music and succeeding at it. One of the boys suggests that they should do the same and make their own music. The other boy is doubtful but agrees anyway. They get very excited and fill with hopes and dreams of becoming famous. The two friends spend a ton of time making their first song and finally post it. They are quickly disappointed to find out nobody is taking a liking to their song. They then decide to give up on their dreams and move on with their life. A few weeks later there is a social event which a lot of the school is at (maybe a football game or party). The two guys can’t believe what they are hearing because suddenly their song is playing and people are actually loving it. After this happens they start to blow up and the whole school is hyping them up. One of the friends starts to get way too into all of this and it starts to go to his head. The other friend tries to explain how this is all just for fun and that he wants to go to college not stay here and pursue this. They get into a huge fight and it’s very dramatic. The one friend continues to perform and the other guy realizes that he does actually love performing and making music. They compromise and decide to both move on to college while continuing to make music.