FILL IN THE BLANK: Zenith Project

At Freestyle, the Zenith project is the culmination of all the skills we have learned over the course of two years. My Zenith project is a choose your own adventure film about a chance encounter between two people. Based on your choices the story changes to be anything from a police interrogation to a meeting of two long lost lovers. I worked with two other people, Owen Daniels and Amanda Chan, which on its own was a different experience from other projects I’ve worked on in the past. It was a challenge to split up the story into many different segments and create unique feels for each different path, especially the one I wrote for.


In order to make this project a reality, Amanda, Owen and I had to make a story map to visualize how many paths and endings we would have.


Once we had a basic story map we then had to create a screenplay. Due to how different our story structure is from a normal film, however, we had to write it in a different format than a different screenplay. We also decided that each of us would write a different “path” of the story in order to create different feelings and themes for each section.

Mary and Edd Scripts


Progress Photos on our first shoots

Eventually we finished production and began the editing process. We split all of the segments up so that each person had to edit around 10. Once we were done editing, we uploaded everything to Youtube and linked each choice to each other. The final product is below.