About Me

My name is Bradley Aquino, I am a student at Freestyle Academy and I am enrolled in the Film program. I plan to graduate high school and attend a 4 year college, but I am still trying to figure out what I want to Major in. I want to be able to get through high school with little to no problems and after college I want to obtain a stable job and be able to live comfortably of course.

I enjoy partaking in my hobbies such as lacrosse and piano. I recently picked up playing piano again and I’m attempting a couple of pieces, and plan on learning more. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, but I also enjoy just being alone in my room. Either taking a nap or just sitting around.

I expect to get all A’s in my classes this year. I plan on taking my education even more serious this year as Junior year is arguably the most important. I also need to start figuring out what my major is going to be in. So if I get good grades it’ll relieve some stress.