Don't Poision the Well

My name is Charlie Schwartz, I am a junior at Mountain View High School, who enjoys Skiing, Lacrosse, Biking, and spending time in the wilderness. In my free time at home, I like to hang out with my friends playin Poker, or playing Basketball, along with playing video games. Some of my favorite places to go include Silver Lake in South Tahoe, which is displayed in the image on the left along with the outdoors of Colorado. At school, I am a member of the School newspaper, The Oracle, and i am on the school lacrosse team.

Some of my core values include spending time in your life to just be in the present. Because I am fortunate enough to spend time in the outdoors, I have been able to reflect all by myself without any outside interactions for hours at a time, just thinking about life and all of the problems that a lot of people have. I believe that it truly allows you to better yourself physically, socially, and mentally.

I expect that this year, I am going to create good study habits, and hopefully succeed in my classes by getting good grades and developing good relationships with my classmates and peers, along with my advisors and teachers. I also hope to get better lacrosse through hard work and determination, to the point where i can earn a starting spot on the team.

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