Hello and welcome to my website, My name is Eren George and In 2017-2019, I was a Junior and Senior at Freestyle Academy. While at Freestyle I took classes in Design, Digital Media, and English. I wanted to join freestyle to learn new skills and be able to put my thoughts on paper while also being able to express myself in many different ways. I was so grateful for this opportunity to learn all of these new skills and came to enjoy the atmosphere at Freestyle and how different it was from Mountain View High School. I have enjoyed challenges myself with different media that I have not worked with before, This has been a great learning experience for me and I can’t wait to use these skills out in the world.



Reflection About Freestyle

Production class:   Design
Plans for next year:   Community College at Foothill College then Be transferring to University
Major or Job:   Athletic Injury Care / Kinesiology
Scholarships: N/A
Reflection about Freestyle:   I am so grateful for the skills that I have learned from Freestyle. I learned great time management, working with others, being independent, and great design skills (thanks Ms.P)
Freestyle in 5 years:   I think Freestyle is at a good place right now but the one thing that I would like to see evolve is Digital Media class. For many of us the workload for that class was difficult to manage. And have more options for projects that involve music/singing some people are uncomfortable with recording their voices and singing so if it was possible to have another option for those people would be nice.

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